Miiji Pure Power 1000 Glutathione

60 capsules

MIIJI brings you the pure power of L-Glutathione + Collagen, made with the finest ingredients that helps your body produce all the antioxidants it needs. From having a goodnight’s sleep and being REFRESHED it shows the glow on your skin, MIIJI POWER 1000 is your perfect Gluta supplement.

MIIJI PURE POWER 1000 is a powerful whitening supplement that helps your body produce more of the proper antioxidants you need to keep your skin fresh, bright, and young looking. Our MIIJI Gluta supplement is made from the finest ingredients, formulated in Japan, that is absorbed easily by the body giving you results in just 1 bottle!

Why drink MIIJI PUR POWER 1000?
Our supplement boosts our body to create more of these antioxidants that keep us looking young, fresh, and full of energy!

How to take Miiji Pure Power 1000?
Take Miiji Pure Power 1000 2 capsules per day.

Start your MIIJI Power 1000 routine and get that fresh glow and amazing results with your first bottle.

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