MIIJI Garcinia Cambogia

30 capsules

MIIJI is a premium weight loss supplement boasts high-quality natural ingredients formulated in Japan.

Each tablet contains Garcinia Cambogia, Fibersol-2, L-Carnitine, Lotus Extract, and Calcium Ascorbate. This selection of ingredients is currently the best and most efficient combination to help lose weight while keeping your body as healthy as possible.

MIIJI Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it okay to take MIIJI with other food supplements?
YES! (e.g., Vitamins, Glutathione, Collagen, Protein drinks, Birth Control Pills)

Does MIIJI work without exercise?
Yes! MIIJI helps you metabolize faster. Most importantly, consuming fewer calories will make you lose weight.

What is N.E.A.T.? How does it maximize your MIIJI journey?
Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis or N.E.A.T. is a word to describe the calories burned from all of the movement you do during the day that is NOT exercise. It can make a big difference in your MIIJI fat loss program as MIIJI enhances your body's ability to burn calories by increasing your overall energy expenditure.

At what age can someone start taking MIIJI?
18 years old and above.

Does MIIJI have any side effects?
There is no reported experience from our testers and users regarding side effects. Generally, MIIJI doesn't have any side effects, and this is what makes us different from other appetite suppressants.

How fast and how big can I lose in 1 bottle?
It depends on your body's ability to metabolize. So far, our biggest loser was able to lose 15kg in 20 days.

Can I take MIIJI while I am on my menstrual period?
We don't encourage you to take it on your red days since. We don't want you to get confused about whether you are feeling under the weather because of MIIJI or because of your period. We recommend listening to your body first.

Can I take MIIJI along with my other medication/maintenance?
For any pre-existing condition or for lactating women, consult your doctor first.

DO YOU TAKE MIIJI 30 mins or 1 hour before a meal?
We recommend taking it 1 hour before meals for your body to fully absorb the supplement. A helpful tip would be to put it on your bedside table so you can take it upon waking up. However, if you are time constraint, a minimum of 30 minutes of waiting time is enough.

For orders and inquiries, you can contact us at:
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