MIIJI Protein Drink Meal Replacement

Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor
10 sachets

It’s always a struggle to make the right food choices. It could be we are too busy to plan a meal, availability of ingredients, or there could be times we need to eat outside.

WORRY NO MORE! MIIJI Drinks is the answer to all your struggles. Our Protein Drink is a Meal Replacement that will satisfy your hunger and maintain your calorie intake.

MIIJI Protein Drink Meal Replacement Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor is a nutritious drink than can replace your usual breakfast meal. Drinking it after an hour of taking your MIIJI Garcinia Cambogia hits the sure way of losing those excess pounds in a few weeks without giving up health.

Vanilla's strong aroma, smooth, and versatile taste is calling to be a part of NEW FLAVOR opportunities.

Having more freedom in choosing your flavor adds color to your diet routine and makes it more FUN AND EXCITING!

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